Bunkers and Badasses

Bunkers and Badasses

Along with the newest Vault Hunter coming to Borderlands 2, Gearbox announced a new update coming to Pandora for the PS3, PC, and 360 that raises the level cap. The level cap to Borderlands 2 is being raised 11 levels so the new max is 61, the update adds a new weapon rarity to the mix as well with Pearlescent which starts at level 51. This new batch of content is free for those of you who have the Borderlands 2 Season Pass, don’t worry if you don’t however you can purchase this update for $4.99 or 400 Microsoft Dollars.


Along with raising the level cap and adding in a new weapon rarity, Gearbox are releasing a second update to the game this one however is free to everyone. This update adds in the Ultimate Vault Hunter mode which is only accessible once you reach level 50.

Both of these updates are set to release on the 2nd of April, one free to everyone and the other is free to those who have the Season Pass, or $4.99 to everyone else.

The final single-player story DLC is still being worked up but is set to come out by sometime late June. Gearbox teased the next DLC at their panel, which seems to be set around a Dungeons and Dragons theme with the original Vault Hunters playing Bunkers and Badasses with Tiny Tina in the role of Bunker Master. Enjoy.

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