Burndown available in Early Access on Steam

Burndown available in Early Access on Steam

Battle royale typed shooters are getting more and more popular, while this term might get a bit overused for the normal last man standing genre, this is just because everybody easily knows this tagline. BigBro Games disliked the fact that players must wait minutes and minutes queuing up for matches, that’s why they created the arcade shooter Burndown, that is just pick a vehicle and play. Promising player-only gameplay so no bots, we are curious about how well this concept will work out, since another game on the market, Crossout, is free to play and already has a large player base.

Key features of this little arcade shooter include:

  • An unmatched game universe, where violent survival games are totally normal in the post-apocalyptic society
  • Game modes: Battle Royale, Death Race
  • Uber-cool cars, each with a distinctive temper.
  • Genuine post-apocalypse environment: missile launchers, machine guns, and, of course, fire throwers.
  • Simple intuitive controls.
  • Soundtrack and sound effects, tailor-made for the game.

The Exact release date is to be announced, but the Early Access Steam page says that the developers plan on releasing it in December.

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