Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare released today!

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare released today!

Today is a great day for the Call of Duty fans since the next game of the franchise is released today: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. You might think “not another one”, but the developers did their best to add some extras and to change some elements. Together with the release of the game is the release of the Season Pass. This gives you the opportunity to buy four DLCs at a reduced price. 

First of all, gamers will experience the exoskeleton. This will increase the movement abilities and players will have the chance to jump further and reach new heights. Even more, you will punch harder and have better evasive skills. The introduction of this exoskeleton has led to a new game type: Exo-Survival. This is a co-op mode and you can invite up to four players. The purpose is to survive several waves of enemies, equipped with exoskeletons. This makes them more deadly than ever.

COD AW_UN Speech[1] (1)

The multiplayermode has been renovated as well. Next to the exoskeleton, there are loads of futuristic weapons and you get even more customisation possibilities than ever. Even more, there is a new Supply Drop system that will spice things up a bit.

If you were able to get your hands on the Day Zero Edition, you get some goodies! You’ll get a 24h early access and the chance to obtain two special ingame weapons. If that isn’t enough, you will receive double experience today and access to the Advanced Arsenal. This is a special ingame exoskeleton, the Bullet Brass and the EM1 Quantum.

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