Camp Pokémon, now available!

Camp Pokémon, now available!

After the iPad release of the Pokémon Trading Card Game, The Pokémon Company is back with a brand new app called Camp Pokémon.

The new free app features a bunch of Pokémon-themed mini games.
Here is a list off all the in-game activities:

  • Find the Pokémon: Use your spy-glass to search for virtual Pokémon and earn their pins. Earn Rewards to unlock new levels and to search for other Pokémon in different surroundings.
  • Poké Ball Throw: Launch Poké Balls at cardboard cut-outs of Pokémon hiding in tall grass and knock them down. Earn Rewards to unlock Rock and Water environments.
  • Pokémon Evolutions: Test your knowledge of Pokémon Evolutions by picking the right Pokémon which is missing from the Evolution Chain.
  • Battle Matchups: Practice type matchups, an important ability in Pokémon battles, by choosing which type of Pokémon is stronger than the given Pokémon.
  • Pokémon in Focus: Pick the correct Pokémon whose shadow matches the one projected on the tent.
  • My Cabin: In this house the campers can find their Pin Book, Photo Book and Bulletin Board.
  • Photo Booth: Create memories of the camp by taking photos with the camera of your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Adding stickers to the images and saving them to the Photo Book or on the Camera Roll on the camper’s device.
  • Mystery Cave: What would be hiding in the Mystery Cave? To find out, campers must get permission to enter this mysterious cave.

To play Camp Pokémon you’ll need iOS 7 or higher. The app is being released a month before the launch of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.



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