Camping Builder – Preview
Follow Genre: Simulator
Developer: Two Horizons
Publisher: TBA
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Camping Builder – Preview

Good: Twenty minutes well spent, Interesting concept
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Honestly, when was the last time that you have played a game demo? This trend was pretty popular back in the days but demos have slowly disappeared from the storefronts until recently. It is quite rare for us to feature the demo build of a title but as this game looks really interesting we decided to give it a go. In Camping Builder you are the new host of a tropical island and it is up to you to make it flourish once again. The demo is relatively short and you will fly through it in only around fifteen to twenty minutes. Even though this might be a very short demo, it did spark our interest and it gives you a modest impression of what to expect.

The game starts with you coming to Malu Island. This island has been poisoned by its previous greedy owner, and it is up to you to clean it up and make it flourish again. Luckily you are not alone in this quest, as the island guardian Kailani is here to teach you the ropes and he also informs you as to how the island thinks of you. The demo commences with an easy task, namely picking up the trash and throwing it in the bin. Rebellious players can even throw the thrash back into the ocean or even burn it, to the dismay of Malu (the island). On the left side of the screen, you can see how your standing is with the island. If you clean it up, fix things, and plant trees, this approval meter increases, but if you throw around thrash or cut down trees, the island becomes angry.

Your next objective is to take down the destroyed bungalows and rebuild them. You cut them down with an axe and are instructed to plant new trees, as these are the foundation of life on this island. Trees are a valuable resource and grow really quickly, so expect a high turnover rate to easily build a bunch of bungalows for maximum profit. Kailani has provided you with an unlimited supply of saplings, so why not make a nice impromptu forest on the coastline, or give the bungalows a few trees for maybe a hammock?

After all your hard work, you can take a moment to enjoy the view of the island. While the game isn’t made with the best graphics in mind, its simulator approach to the visuals is well appreciated. When you pick up stuff or throw it, there is some weight behind it, and the same can be said for chopping down trees. While it might not be as impressive as in Valheim, the trees fall to the ground and you must chop them up into smaller pieces to turn them into useable wood planks. While you are doing all that hard work, there is some relaxing island music playing in the background. The soundtrack is lovely and gives you the feeling of a proper summer vacation, but the strange scream in the background makes you wonder if you are playing a friendly island game or a horror title.

Controlling the game is really easy, as you only need a few button commands and the selection wheel for your tools works really well and smoothly. You run around quite fast, and dragging objects doesn’t seem to impact your performance that much. The latter is ideal when you are carrying a bunch of wood to build something.

Your final assignment is to decorate and rent out the new bungalows. You get free reign on where to build the bungalows and how to decorate them, meaning you can have this really bright pink bungalow or make a classic colored one. Why not paint one in your national flag? The possibilities are endless. Once the first people take accommodation into your new place, the demo ends with a small party. There are a few easter eggs you can find, so why not take your time and go out on a small adventure? Once off the beach, you notice the highly abandoned campgrounds and how dirty these are. Cleaning this up will take a lot of time, but that’s not something you’ll be able to do in this demo.


While our time with Camping Builder was rather short, it remained fun even after a few playthroughs. The mechanics are simple to learn and work well for all kinds of players. You get clear instructions on what to do, and the short story is brought in a way that keeps you engaged with your goal. The graphics might not look great, but that is not uncommon for job simulator games such as this one. The music starts off very good, but that random scream every now and then is just a bit unsettling. We will be looking forward to seeing more of this title in the near future, and what possibilities lie ahead for the revival of Malu island.

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Camping Builder - Preview, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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