Can eSports Gambling be a Profitable Hobby?

Can eSports Gambling be a Profitable Hobby?

eSports is a collective name for all forms of competitive video gaming. The industry came to life over the last 20 years, with more and more gamers playing games competitively and millions of video game fans across the planet being drawn by the allure of this competitive scene.

Amidst the growth of eSports as such, sportsbooks have seen an opportunity to offer the fans betting markets for their favorite eSports. The appeal of eSports betting is quite clear, but we wanted to investigate if doing so is a waste of money or if you could bet on CS: GO, DOTA 2, LoL, and other eSports with any degree of success.

To find that out, we have to think about the concept of sports betting in general and what’s unique about eSports that would give the players an edge over the bookmakers.

How to Profitably Bet on Any Sport

Sports betting is all about the odds and probabilities. The sportsbooks create their odds based on their perceived probability of one side winning over the other, and it is up to the players to try to figure out the probability better than the bookmakers themselves.

Over the years, many people have tried to bet on sports professionally, as it always seemed as such an easy way to make a living. However, few have ever been successful at this, since the bookies have become so good at predicting the probabilities and setting their betting lines that most sports bets simply aren’t worth making.

Why eSports May Be Different

Compared to traditional sports, eSports are relatively new and unexplored territory. This means the sportsbooks are at a disadvantage in terms of creating their odds, since they cannot have as good of an idea of how things will work out as they do in sports that have been around for decades.

The bookies hire professionals to help them create odds for all sports, but it is much more difficult to find good eSports pundits than it is to find ones for sports like football or basketball. This is exactly why eSports odds tend to be more volatile and less exact than what you would normally expect to see.

Fans of eSports tend to spend many hours watching and analyzing their favorite teams and players, which leads to a very good understanding of the games in question. By having such a close and personal understanding of the games, players can figure out the realistic probabilities and possibly beat the bookies at their own game.

So Can I win at eSports Betting?

Like any other form of betting, eSports betting comes with a dose of risk, no matter how well you know the games you are betting on. For that reason, we highly recommend only betting as a hobby and doing so in your spare time and with your spare money.

That said, if you see you are doing well at it, there is no reason not to give it a bit more time and try to dedicate yourself to making the winning bets. After all, there is definitely room for winners in the eSports betting arena, and the most dedicated of fans certainly have a chance to make some money with this interesting hobby.

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