Can you keep the trains running in Overcrowd?

Can you keep the trains running in Overcrowd?

Today, one-man indie developer Squareplay Games has announced Overcrowd: A Commute ‘Em Up for PC. The game puts you as the manager of some of the busiest underground stations in the world. Think you can organise transport networks better, especially when London is in the grip of a 24-hour strike?

Overcrowd blends real-time strategy elements with a unique commuter flow mechanic, offering a frantic combination of time pressure, strategic thinking and split-second choices. However, don’t let the cute isometric visuals fool you: Overcrowd is brutal and not for the faint-hearted- as is your commute. Combatting commuter rage, gastric flu, rodent infestations and especially tube strikes are just some of the many events that can potentially make your life as a transport manager a living hell.

In addition, you must make sure to manage your resources. You have the power to hire and fire a team of cops, medics, litter pickers and janitors- whom you can order to go to hot spots and level their skills. However, above all, your task is to keep the commuters flowing! Crowd dynamics and the AI are simple but reactive, and allow for emergent gameplay that feels different every time.

Overcrowd: A Commute ‘Em Up is currently in Greenlight on Steam, with a demo due to be announced shortly. Make sure you vote to ensure that it gains approval!

To find out more, and see the trailer for this exciting game, head to:

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