Can You Take Your eSports Betting Knowledge to Other Sports?

Can You Take Your eSports Betting Knowledge to Other Sports?

eSports fans know how engaging betting on competitive online gaming can be. It has likely made many gamers wonder whether they can take their knowledge of eSports betting into traditional sports.

The truth is that there are many similarities in traditional sports betting. One look at the NFL odds will show you the same format, a similar platform, and most of the same betting types. The same goes for the NBA, NHL, and soccer.

So, what skills do you already have that can be used to transition into ordinary sports?

Betting Structure

Are you already familiar with how eSports are structured regarding games, series, and knockout tournaments?

These are the same structures that were lifted from traditional sports. Competitive gaming was primarily inspired by the formats and setups of real-world sports. If you watch a major tournament stream, you’ll see that conventional sports broadcasts have inspired the presentation.

Unpicking the structure of traditional sports work is simple if you already know how it works within eSports and vice-versa.

Strategizing for Success

Every successful bettor has a strategy. Online wagering strategies may focus on odds, specific markets, or the form of the participants.

There are differences in terms of freak events. For example, a sudden snowstorm may slow a hot favorite down in the real world. eSports doesn’t have this problem because the maps, the rules, and the setups are always the same.

In many ways, betting on eSports is easier because you don’t need to factor these freak events into the equation. Likewise, you don’t need to worry about an injury to the star player in the pre-game warmup.

It can make transitioning from eSports to traditional sports more difficult because there are more factors in the real world. However, these events are relatively rare, and any veteran gambler can easily take them in their stride and factor them into their strategies.

eSports and classic sportsbooks share many of the same strategies, so you can move from one to the other and back with relative ease.

Market Choices

The global eSports betting market is valued at $1.38 billion in 2022. It means that eSports betting is one of the fastest-growing online industries. People know it exists, but the number of wagering options available has increased.

In the early years of eSports, betting was confined to deciding who would win a match, a series, or a tournament.

However, its evolution has matched the digital development of traditional sportsbooks. These days you can bet on various markets, including which randomized map will appear first, who will get the first kill, and which player may have the best kill/death ratio.

These little markets make online betting engaging because you can go beyond the usual selection of betting markets.

Moreover, live betting in the real world will be a breeze if you’re experienced with the pressure and intensity of in-game betting. Enhanced technology has meant that sportsbooks can now offer up-to-the-second betting markets.

As you can see, much of the experience you may have acquired from eSports betting can also be applied to betting on real-world sports.

Doing Your Research

Most gamblers in casinos, sporting venues, or elsewhere rely on gut feeling. However, this is rarely a strategy for success.

Today’s online sports bettors have access to more data than ever before. Online wagering is a data-rich environment. Leveraging this data will ultimately increase your chances of long-term success.

The same goes for eSports. You need to know the game and its quirks, the players involved, and how they work together as a team. In the run-up to a big event, like the League of Legends European Championship, you’ve studied the favorites and watched some of the previous action.

If you’ve already developed your research skills, you’ll be able to use those same hard skills within traditional sporting environments. You still need to know how teams and players perform and who they’re against.

Fundamental Betting Skills

Anyone can have a good or a bad day when wagering on eSports or traditional sports. The problems begin when people start to chase their losses and bet emotionally. Intelligent bankroll management is the most crucial fundamental betting skill there is.

But there’s a reason why sportsbooks are so successful at what they do. They play on emotion. Veterans keep emotion out of it. If they’re angry, they quit. If they’ve experienced a significant loss, they stop.

Mental and emotional management is as crucial to betting on traditional sports as eSports.

Other fundamental skills include knowing where the best odds are. If you know how to use an odds comparison platform, you will use those same tools when moving toward NFL or any other major professional sport.

Finally, you also need to know how to take advantage of bonuses. Online sportsbook bonuses are pivotal to increasing your profitability. It’s why intelligent gamblers will always know where the best bonuses are. It’s also why many people hold multiple accounts with several betting platforms.

These fundamental skills are at the heart of being successful in eSports and your definitive list of sports. If you’ve already mastered these techniques, you’ll find moving out of the eSports betting environment simple.


eSports and traditional sports have more similarities than many people think. If you’ve got an interest in a particular sport, this is where you should begin your journey. It helps if you already have a passion for the sport you’re betting on because you’ll find it easier to understand the terms, decipher the markets, and pick up the form.

Like always, it’s essential to wager responsibly. Develop a strategy before putting any real-money bets in. You may even want to consider starting with play money to get started and begin learning the ropes.

What is your favorite real-world sport to bet on?

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