Capsized – Review
Follow Genre: Side-scroller Action-Platformer
Developer: Alientrap
Publisher: IndiePub
Platform: PC, 360

Capsized – Review

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Mankind has been wondering if we’re alone in the universe for quite some time now. What if our space program would be a lot more advanced and we’d actually be able to explore the boundaries of space? What if something goes wrong and you accidently end up on a planet where everything tries to kill you? Gear up because Capsized will give you the opportunity to check out such a scenario.



Capsized presents you with a typical ‘imagine being stranded on a strange planet’ kind of story. Even though your character wasn’t the only crew member aboard of the ship, you will always run around on your own (except for the co-op mode of course).

The story will revolve around two main aspects, namely finding the rest of the crew (if they survived that is) and getting off this planet that is filled with monsters that don’t give you the impression of love and peace.

Whilst the story value is quite basic, cutscenes with a comic book theme are there to support your imagination of being alone on a monster infested planet.


Capsized provides us with an old school theme that fits this type of action-platformer. Even though the style might look ‘old’, the developers present us with beautiful looking environments and decent looking inhabitants of the planet you’re stranded on. Whilst most of the game will situate itself in nearly the same environments, and they will not bore you that fast.

At the start and the end of each level you’ll get treated to comic book panels that suit the game perfectly. Whilst they are kept quite simple when it comes to ‘story value’, they give a nice touch to this retro-themed game.



Atmosphere is not only  present on the inhabited planet but the sound creates a decent mood in your living room as well. Whilst the music contributes to the whole that is Capsized and fits the setting perfectly, there is not that much variety when it comes to different tracks.

Sound effects themselves are decent but they don’t really reach the WOW-factor at any given time. Whilst creatures have their own set of sound effects, guns have their matching effects when it comes to wiping out your foes.


Games like Capsized bring back life to the genre of Action-platformers (side-scrollers) and are pretty much two peas in a pod. Whilst the overall gameplay is fairly simple, you will have to learn to get the hang of it.

As mentioned earlier, you’re a spaceman, stranded on an unknown planet where everything is out for your blood. You will have to master blasting enemies to smithereens, with the arsenal that is conveniently scattered around on the planet. Whilst having a fairly large arsenal of weapons, it’s possible you will only stick to weapons like the ‘machine gun’ and the ‘flamethrower’ for smaller foes and keeping the larger weapons for targets that aren’t missed that easily. Aiming happens to be quite tricky if you’re hoping to hit fast and small enemies with something that has a fairly slow fire rate. You will have to master your aiming skills with the right stick.


Low gravity is a factor that makes Capsized that much more interesting compared to other games in the genre and add a ‘gravity’ hook as well as a jet pack to the mix and you’re in for a stroll through an unknown paradise (If you forget all of the monsters that is). Same as with the weaponry provided, the gravity hook is easy to use but hard to master. The grappling hook is not only used for swinging through your environments or getting to unreachable spots, it will also be used to drag object out of the way, keep enemies at bay or even launch parts of your surroundings to your troublesome foes. The jet pack will also come in handy if your grappling skills haven’t reached a certain level yet. Sadly not every level gives you the option to use the jet pack and the time you get to use it, you will have to keep an eye on your fuel gauge. The low gravity also provides you with being able to grab on to walls without having to tumble back down. Having hardly any weight actually gives you an advantage of using your surroundings like no other games have done before.

Co-op is also a feature that’s present in Capsized, sadly it’s quite hidden. You will be able to try and escape from the planet with a buddy by your side but to start on your duo quest you will have to go to option to turn on or off the co-op mode. Which you will have to do every time if you switch from solo to co-op and vice versa.

If the campaign of the game didn’t satisfy your need for alien massacre you will be able to dash through the arcade mode to enjoy some free for all shooting.



Capsized brings an original twist to the action-platformer genre and proves to be a game worth trying out. If the alien carnage isn’t enough for you alone, you won’t have to go ‘Han Solo’ and you’ll be able to blast some alien butt with a friend.

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Capsized - Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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