Captain America #002 – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure, Action
Written by: Rick Remender
Illustrations: John Romita, Klaus Janson, Tom Palmer, Scott Hanna
Coloring: Dean White, Lee Loughridge
Publisher: Standaard Uitgeverij

Captain America #002 – Comic Book Review

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Good: One clear story, The thoughts of Steven Rogers
Bad: Drawings felt a bit more rugged than the previous issue
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It has been a while since Captain America ended up in a different dimension where life is even tougher than it is in our very own survival of the fittest society. Barren as the lands surrounding Steven may be, he found a bit of solace by leading a rather secluded life with the Phrox, who took him in, as well as Zola’s son, now named Ian, who he started to see as his very own son. Nonetheless, Steven is still occupied with getting home and making sure Zola can’t cause any more problems, be it in this dimension or another.

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Eleven years have passed since Steven entered this horrible dimension and ever since, survival alone has been hard enough, not only for him, but also his ‘adopted’ son Ian, who knows no different world than the one they’re currently living in. The Phrox have slowly become a family for both Steven and Ian, but even good things come to an end, and often in a rather abrupt way. Steven has been infected with Zola’s virus for over a decade, and it’s a rather nasty one, as it constantly tries to take over his identity and turn him into a mindless agent for Zola. Nonetheless, he has been suppressing the countless taunts by the virus, which acts like Zola himself (in his mind), and time is slowly running out as he tends to grow weaker by each passing day.

When Zola discovers Captain America is still alive and is possibly hiding among the Phrox, he and his daughter immediately take action by practically exterminating the Phrox. Zola’s daughter Jet is under the impression that her younger brother was murdered by the superhero, and Zola seems to think the same. Jet is determined to act out her revenge on the weary infected Steven, but it seems she’s in for a surprise.

Even though there are a few flashbacks hither and thither, it’s fun to see that this Marvel series actually stays on course to keep expanding the same story, rather than offer many branches that come together as one. This makes the pace perhaps a bit slower, but with the action this bundle has to offer, things do get rather exciting the further you progress. Rick Remender does a great job in portraying the road of suffering Steven has to endure, albeit with a few shimmers of light on the horizon.

Illustrations remain pretty much the same as in previous issues, albeit with a few extra color artist and inkers along the way. These extra hands all tend to work in the same style, while the colors tend to very a bit if you compare the beginning of the bundle to the last chapters, but again not that much. The beginning has slightly faded colors, while the rest of the issue has fuller colors, but both have the same dark and grim undertone.


Captain America #002 proves to be a very intriguing story which features a superhero trying to reach the end of the day, over and over again. Even though Steven Rogers still possesses his superpowers, this series does a great job in making him frail and just a man who’s trying to protect his own sanity as well as the son of his enemy, who he cares for with his entire heart. Certainly a great read.

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Captain America #002 – Comic Book Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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