Captain America #004 – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure, Action
Written by: Rick Remender
Illustrations: John Romita, Klaus Janson, Tom Palmer, Scott Hanna, Carlos Pacheco
Coloring: Dean White, Rachelle Rosenberg
Publisher: Standaard Uitgeverij

Captain America #004 – Comic Book Review

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Good: Conclusion Dimension Z arc, Bond between Steven and Jet
Bad: Second arc starts in a rather unclear fashion
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It seems there finally is a small shimmer of light on the horizon in Dimension Z. Not only did Captain America fight Arnim Zola himself, things are slowly looking up when agent Sharon Carter, Steven’s newfound love, shows up in Dimension Z, with a possible way out. Nonetheless, the recent events seem to be taking a rather heavy toll on Steven, and Zola’s daughter Jet, who decided to follow her heart and thus fight for righteousness instead of world domination. The end of an arc, or simply the beginning of something bigger, it seems these answers will not be given any time soon.

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It’s time for the final showdown in Dimension Z but it is with a heavy heart that the beloved Captain America drags himself towards the end stage. Sharon shot Ian, as she believed he was posing a threat, because he was influenced by his birthfather Zola. With Zola and Ian gone, Jet is also doubting her choice of choosing the good side, as her family is now completely wiped out. Nonetheless, they will have to stop the mutants from reaching our dimension and thus Jet will have to decide her course of action, which might save billions of lives.

While the flow of this issue is slightly different than the previous ones, things stay interesting from start to finish, as the next arc seems to be starting off with a bang as well. You’ll be treated to enough suspense, not only because of the battles, but thanks to Steven and Jet’s adaptation to the ‘normal world’ again. Well of course, things are new for Jet, but she is without a home, while Steven is without his adopted son and he doesn’t feel like this dimension is his home anymore. Rick Remender keeps things exciting and treats us to an intense beginning of the new arc.

Not that much has changed when it comes to the illustrations, things remain rather gritty in the first portion of this omnibus, while things get smoothened out towards the end of this collection. Nonetheless, the shift in styles suits the scenario perfectly, seeing Steven comes back from the harsh Dimension Z to our universe.


Captain America #004 shows us Steven’s transition from his twelve harsh years in Dimension Z, to the ‘real world’. While in our dimension only minutes have passed, things will never be the same for Steven and Jet, as they lost their ‘home’ gritty and diabolic as it was at times. Both suffered many losses and this issue shows what it can do to both a hero and former villain alike.

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Rating: 8.0/10 (3 votes cast)
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Captain America #004 – Comic Book Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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