Cardfight!! Vanguard Booster Pack 11: Clash of the Heroes

Cardfight!! Vanguard’s Standard format is making waves in the card game industry, and it shows no signs of slowing down. With the Booster Pack 12 already on the horizon, we will first take a look at what the 11th set offers cardfighters around the globe. Cardfight!! Vanguard is now often both releasing new ridelines, as well as giving much-needed love and support for older ridelines. This proves to be true for Booster Pack 11: Clash of the Heroes as well.

For this set, all the Glitter decks are getting some much-needed support. This support can be found in cards such as Will-o-wisp Daybreak, Tamayura, Soul Oratorio, Kheios, Poison in Paradise, Eva, Epee Du Justice, Thegrea, and A Viridescent Flash, Rorowa. All Glitter decks are getting a proper boost to make a lot of these older builds viable and competitive again. Even though Eva was still doing well in a lot of tournaments, it’s still nice that Bushiroad decided to level the playing field, allowing all Glitter decks to shine (or glitter?) once again.

The Clash of the Heroes features new additions to the varied collection or ridelines as well with Mythiarq, Luruthzul and Gigant Arms, Silhouette. Both of these new Vanguards offer unique mechanics, and they provide fun new additions for their respective nations. Mythiarq, Luruthzul focuses more on ‘on play’ effects, which creates an interesting dynamic with the other cards in the deck. Gigant Arms, Silhouette is a variation of the Arms mechanic we have come to know and love from Sealed Blaze Maiden, Bavsargra. This time, however, instead of using cards you can directly arm to your Vanguard, you’ll actually be performing the arming mechanic with other Rear-Guards. Again, this proves to be an intriguing new mechanic. We hope both decks get more support in the upcoming sets, as these exciting new additions deserve all the love they can get.

Once again, in this set, we find classics returning to the battlefield in the form of Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion and Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel. Vermillion focuses on attacking multiple units at once, while also being able to deal damage at the end of the battle when certain conditions are met. Blond Ezel relies on the power of his Rear-Guards and is able to ride to grade 3 quicker as well as fill the field with additional Rear-Guards.

Booster Pack 11 brings a lot of interesting new builds to the table, while also powering up some older deck builds. We are curious to see what Booster Pack 12 has in store for us with its many new Masques cards, and support for older builds as well.

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