Cardfight!! Vanguard D Lyrical Booster Set 04: Lyrical Monasterio ~Trick or Trick!~

With the many releases in the last few months, it seems we have been running a bit behind when it comes to the Cardfight!! Vanguard set releases. Even though Booster Pack 01: Fated Clash is already on the horizon, we still feel we should highlight the recent Lyrical Booster set release: Lyrical Monasterio ~Trick or Trick!~. With a spooky Halloween theme, the characters of Lyrical Monasterio may still look cute, but they are ready to sink their teeth into the opposition. This set introduces some new ridelines and useful cards that may boost the power of your older Lyrical Monasterio decks, like DressUp cards for Coming Beauty, Herminia and MiMish, Fortia.


While the set has a lot of viable builds, and there are many interesting deck profiles to create, some cards do stand out from the competition. Players who have been playing Cardfight!! Vanguard since the very beginning will probably love that PR♥ISM-Promise, Labrador and Top Idol, Pacifica make a dazzling return, but competitive players have their eyes directed towards Vanguards such as LèVre♥SœurS, Charmout, and Gorgon Eyes, Siana.

LèVre♥SœurS, Charmout is an absolute powerhouse that, with the necessary field setup, gets a massive power boost to pummel the competition into submissions. The card revolves around gaining enough power, without being boosted. When attacking without being boosted, Charmout can give other Rear-Guards matching power to itself. And, when a certain power threshold is achieved, Charmout allows the back row center column Rear-Guard to attack and even get Drive Checks. When waiting for the right moment, players can pressure their opponents to use many cards in their hands to survive the onslaught.

Cards like Gorgon Eyes, Siana pressure the opponent in a different way, as there’s always the risk when the opponent attacks Siana with their Rear-Guards they may have to discard a card to save their Rear-Guard or bind it when they cannot pay the cost. If Siana players guard, however, the opposing player will not have to pay the cost. Siana’s ability allows the player to put Trigger Units into their soul in order to gain 15000 Power, and this does not count as a normal Guard action. While this may allow Siana players to take a more defensive approach at times, the Medusa-like Vanguard also packs a punch. Siana can also gain an additional Drive Check and an additional Cricital when the opposing player does not have a total of two (or more) units on their front row or Guardian Circle. This either pressures the opponent to guard heavily, or to take a massive blow.

Even though we can discuss this set so much more, like the very tricky Tr!ple×Tr!ck, Fenelle as well, but we’d advise players to uncover this mischievous Lyrical Monasterio set for themselves. Players will find ample new fun Vanguards to play with and a lot of support to beat the competition.

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