Cardfight!! Vanguard D Special Series 05: Festival Booster 2023

Even though it’s always a bit of a festivity when a new set of Cardfight!! Vanguard releases, we are always extra excited when a Festival Booster (or Festival Collection) is being released. This is mainly due to the fact that these smaller sets often have a lot of support for different decks, and the prints are always quite nice too. In the Festival Booster 2023 a few older Lyrical Monasterio decks get some much-needed attention, and there are also new Over Triggers and Regalis Pieces. We were quite happy to see some new deck construction options.

Even though the new Lyrical Monasterio cards add a bit of oomph to some of the older decks, we were mainly focused on the new Over Triggers for this Festival Booster. You’ll be able to choose between Spiritual King of Ignition, Valnout, or Spiritual King of Aquatics, Idosfaro for your new deck compositions. The cool thing about these Over Triggers is the fact that they can be played in decks of all nations. Valnout packs a proper punch when triggered during your Drive Check. Not only can you give the regular +100 million power to one of your units, but you are also able to trigger the additional effect: Choose one of your [Stand] rear-guards, and it gets “[AUTO](RC)1/Turn: At the end of the battle this unit attacked, [Stand] this unit.” until end of turn. If you did not choose a card, draw a card, choose up to one unit card from your hand, and call it to (RC). This does add an interesting new power to the mix, namely, you can already plan which of your Rear Guards will attack twice in a row to deliver a high-powered double attack. The second Over Trigger of this set is Spiritual King of Aquatics, Idosfaro, which triggers an additional effect where you can retrieve a card from your drop and give one of your Rear Guards +1 Critical. While this one may be slightly lower powered than Valnout, it does also add yet another new exciting deck-building option.

Outside of the aforementioned support cards and even ‘generic’ cards for every nation that can give you extra Power and Shield during each player’s turn, there is a lot to love about this set. The two new Regalis Pieces also add a bit of extra depth to deck recipes, especially for those who don’t run Gratias Gradale. In this set, you’ll find Forbidoll Surrogate and Evergreen Transphere, each with its own interesting effects. Forbidoll Surrogate allows you to search your deck or drop for up to two Grade 3 or Grade 4 cards. Grade 3 cards are to be called on the field, while Grade 4 cards go to the player’s hand. This card ensures that Grade 4-oriented decks can find their Grade 4 cards to unleash the full potential of their deck. Evergreen Transphere is a more defensive piece for decks, as you can buff one of your units with 25000 Power, but you can also reduce the Critical by one for all your opponent’s units with 100 million Power or more. This makes this card in essence a bit of an Over Trigger counter.

Again, we can’t wait to see how decks evolve with all these new cards thrown in the mix, but we also cannot wait for the new support in the upcoming 11th Booster Set, as well as try out the new Ridelines in said set as well.

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