Carnival Games – Coming to PS4 and Xbox One!

Carnival Games – Coming to PS4 and Xbox One!

Today it has been announced that Carnival Games is coming to Xbox One and PS4. It had been already announced previously that the game would come out for the Nintendo Switch.

Carnival Games has 20 unique mini-games in four theme parks.  Up to four players will be able to play simultaneously. People of all ages will be able to play classic carnival games like ring toss and alley ball horse racing. Four unique themed alleys, Jungle Lane, Saturn Station, Vulture Gulch and Nuts & Bolts give a different look and feel for the games. Just like in a real carnival you will be able to win tickets and then exchange those tickets for prizes. These prizes will enable players to customize their carnival guest characters.

Carnival games will be available digitally on the 6th of November for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4. The game will also be available physically the 6th of November for the Switch and the 20th of November for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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