Carried Away – Review
Follow Genre: Puzzle, Bridge Building Game
Developer: Huge Calf Studios
Publisher: Huge Calf Studios
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Carried Away – Review

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Good: challenging puzzles, unique art style
Bad: gets repetitive
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Carried away tests your skill of adaption, wits and strategy in the form of a new, colourful bridge building game. This game uses the laws of physics against you, making it an interesting game for anyone who is looking for a challenge.

Carried Away


An experienced ski-lift builder named Jimmy has come to you. He has an important question to ask you, as he has heard of your skill. He asks you to become his new apprentice and use your talent to build ski lifts, as his former apprentice is sadly no longer with us. You accept this challenge, and Jimmy becomes your teacher. He teaches you everything you need to know. From the materials, to the shapes, to the best ways to build a ski lift. After some vigorous tests and challenges, you’re now on your own to build ramps and lifts to your hearts content to bring skiers to the tops of mountains, across ravines and downhill safely.



The art style represents the game perfectly: light-hearted, colourful and simplistic. The shapes and colors make it seem almost childlike, which adds to the charm of this game. But don’t let the cute graphics fool you! This game is rather challenging. It doesn’t take up much RAM or space on your computer, which makes it easily accessible on any PC or laptop. Even an internet connection isn’t necessary, unless you wish to share your accomplishments and finished levels with friends on social media and Steam. Its specifications offer a long and fun adventure for anyone who wishes to try it, no matter what graphics card your computer possesses.



The music in Carried Away is very uplifting and adds a little extra something to the game and its gameplay. It offers a little bit of depth to the experience, but it can get a bit repetitive after a few failed tries in a level. The sound effects that are used to “voice” the crashes and the mistakes you make are rather funny, making the acceptance of loss a bit more tolerable when you have to try again. The music is very fitting with the theme and the setting the game is made in. There are no voice-actors involved in making this game, what could’ve added a little bit more depth to the game. If the instructor during the tutorial was voiced, it could’ve made the tutorial a bit more interesting. The same goes for the passengers you have to transport with the ski lifts you build, it would’ve added a bit more humor if they made sounds to point out their approval or disapproval. Especially when your contraption fails on them.



Carried Away is a bridge building puzzle game that relies on physics and strategy to complete challenges. You build ski lifts, ramps and bridges to bring passengers safely from one side to the other. There are trees , rocks and other obstacles in the way that make it challenging to guide your skiers to their designated destination. You use all kinds of materials to build bridges and lifts, and you have to keep an eye on the costs of them to make the contraptions as affordable as possible. Some of the levels can be very challenging, while others can be a walk in the park. Even if the game offers a lot of different levels and challenges to play, it does get a bit repetitive. After a few levels you gain the insight to complete most levels without too much difficulty.

Players also have the option to use the sandbox mode this game has to offer. It gives the player the opportunity to build his or her own levels. It offers a lot of freedom and things to try out, without the restrictions of the campaign.



Carried away is an interesting game if you like puzzles and bridge-building. It offers some fun challenges that can be solved in many different ways. The sandbox mode gives the player a lot of freedom to create their own levels. It’s guaranteed that the player is able to spend a lot of time within Carried Away to solve riddles to their hearts content. The graphics fit the game well, giving it a lighthearted feel with colorful scenery. It brings a nice, relaxing atmosphere with the art style, without it becoming too simplistic. The goal and gameplay are rather simple, it is easy to understand and with a bit of practice everyone can complete most of the levels. Sadly, it can get repetitive after a while. It’s a fun game to spend time on if you’re excited about solving puzzles, and it can be very relaxing to some. It gives the player a lot of insight to come up with solutions and look at things from a different perspective. It’s a nice touch that they intertwined social media with this game, but it would’ve been interesting to have had a multiplayer option. Long story short, Carried away is a good game, and Huge Calf Studios builds itself a bridge to a lot more promising titles in the future.

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