Cartoon Network aims to impress

Cartoon Network aims to impress

In the past we’ve shared a fair amount of announcements involving cartoons that are being broadcasted on Cartoon Netwerk, albeit the local Belgian channel. We’ve featured games and new series, but now Cartoon Netwerk is aiming to revolutionize their channel by allowing users to watch series via television, YouTube and their official app and website. To kick off this format, you’ll be able to start off with the wacky series, Magic Magiswords.

Magic Magiswords will certainly be rather amusing for both young and old, especially if the latter used to enjoy the Animaniacs when they were a tad younger. The same slapstick humor is used to dress up this series, and it goes hand in hand with the rather witty and over-the-top animations. The series will revolve around two knights for hire, who collect swords. While this may not seem like a weird fetish for said career, they collect magic swords however. Many of these swords are not even fit for battle, as they grant its user with the most useless, senseless but amusing powers, such as a dolphin sword that sprays water, a bubblegum sword that spits out chewed gum and so on. Even though the story is kept simple for the younger audience members, the fast pace, and the somewhat ridiculous humor will make sure your younger ones will not get bored easily.

Magic Magiswords will start airing on the Belgian Cartoon Network on the 6th of March, every weekday at 5 pm.

Magic Magiswords

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