Castle of Heart – A hero’s heart still beats under the layer of stone

Castle of Heart – A hero’s heart still beats under the layer of stone

Castle of Heart, a game where you take control of a cursed knight, is out now for the Nintendo Switch. It is your time to prove that you’re courageous enough to defeat the evil sorcerer and save your loved one.

An evil sorcerer turned the knight to stone and his only way to avoid disintegration is to keep fighting enemies. Each player can develop their preferred combat style with the wide range of weapons available. There are short or long-range weaponry with progressively more powerful ones being able to be unlocked. Weapons will be able to be unlocked that burn, freeze and there are even deafening grenades.

You will face all kinds of enemies throughout your journey which were summoned by the evil sorcerer to boycott you. Each opponent is different and requires different strategies to be able to beat him. Power-ups are important to beating any opponent. Your stone body starts to disintegrate when you avoid battle and if you aren’t paying attention one of your arms could fall off.  If one of them falls off; you’re logically unable to wield weapons with that arm which results in a serious disadvantage.

Other features of Castle Heart include:

  • 20 completely different levels
  • 4 pretty environments
  • Over 50 types of weapons
  • Beautiful graphic design

Castle of Heart has a dark fantasy atmosphere and is a mix of classic influences with modern approaches. It uses almost all the Switch’s features to its advantage with even HD Rumble strengthening the immersion.

Castle of Heart is now available in America, Europe, and Australia, and soon in Asia, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.


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