Castlehold, a strategy game by the developers who also made Scribblenauts, is out NOW on PC

Castlehold, a strategy game by the developers who also made Scribblenauts, is out NOW on PC

When a cataclysmic event shatters space and time, champions from all eras of history find themselves struggling to survive in a mysterious realm known as the Drift. Recruit knights, cowgirls, druids, buccaneers, samurai, Vikings, futuristic cybers soldiers, and a myriad of other heroes. Command the ultimate Warband and vie for power in this strange new world. 

Usher in a new age of competition in strategic 1-on-1 battles. Recruit and assemble a troupe of combatants and powerful captains from the pages of history and beyond. Master the Active Resource Control (ARC) System by controlling settlements and harnessing their gold. Then use those resources to conscript and muster elite warriors or wield dynamic tactical abilities that can turn the tide of battle. Push and pull against opponents, trading blows and territory, until the opportune moment rises to press the advantage and capture their castle. 

Castlehold, a competitive strategy game from 5TH Cell (the award-winning developers of Scribblenauts and Lock’s Quest), is a deep-yet-accessible medley of strategy and deck building forged for quick pick-up-and-play sessions that will leave Commanders eager to return to the fray and launch their next offensive. Construct a fighting force, customize it, and build synergies between more than 300 (150×2) units, five captains, and a stream of other exciting additions to come.

Experiment with squads before entering the battlefield to compete in Friendly, Casual, or Ranked matches. Earn Currents by defeating opponents and use the winnings to recruit new units for the battles ahead. Currents are also available for purchase via Castlehold’s in-game store.

Can’t wait to travel to a world formed by a tear in space and time, where heroes band together to vie for power? Well, you’re in luck because Castlehold launches TODAY on PC via Steam Early Access.

Still need convincing? Then check out the game’s trailer right down below!

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“Keep your friends close, but your memes even closer”.

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