Cat Cafe Manager is now out for PC and Switch

Cat Cafe Manager is now out for PC and Switch

Developer Roost Games and publisher Freedom Games have announced their game Cat Cafe Manager, a charming restaurant management and feline adoption simulator, is now available on Nintendo Switch and PC for $19.99. In the game, players will take over Granny’s café as they create delectable dishes and help the cats of Caterwaul Village find a new home.

As they progress through the game, players will also meet the other residents of the village, slowly getting to know them and making new friends. By welcoming more four-legged residents into the café, players will also be able to boost its popularity, making it appeal to more and more people. Additionally, players will be able to fully customize the café as they see fit. This can be done by building additional rooms where everything from the wallpaper down to the lamps can be hand-picked.

 “Connecting with a happy cat is an experience that just sticks with you,” said Rick Sorgdrager, Lead Game Designer and Writer, Roost Games. “Cat Cafe Manager empowers cat lovers to create these magical encounters for others daily!”


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