Cave Digger – Review
Follow Genre: Mining game
Developer: VRKiwi
Publisher: VRKiwi
Platform: Switch, PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Tested on: PC

Cave Digger – Review

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Good: Many achievements to unlock, Simple but fun gameplay, Great looking and good sounding
Bad: Could get boring rather quickly for some people
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Some time ago we reviewed Deep Rock Galactic, a game about dwarves that are mining for precious ores far away in the galaxy. Now we go back to the Wild West to look at how mining started. While the game looks to be taking place in the late 1800s, it is actually set in an alternative western setting, made clear by the mixed influences of pop culture and certain obtainable items. Here you must excavate a mineshaft to unearth its riches so you can upgrade and buy new tools, make more money and rebuild the town. Cave Digger also has a VR port, but today, we are talking about the regular version.


The story begins with an unnamed miner that goes down a mineshaft that has been built in a saloon. After your first run, you will learn that you can use your newly acquired wealth to buy new tools. When you get said tools, a radio message will play, informing you what the item is used for. In-between certain runs, the radio will play some random message about mining, capitalism and how mothers all over the world are angry that their kids became miners.

When you earned yourself enough cash, you will be able to get out of town and explore the world. The story tells a bit of the unknown mines that are next to the town when upgrading the train. Sadly, there isn’t much story to uncover, you just grind your way to unlock all the upgrades to explore deeper into the caves. There is a bit of story flow, but this is depended on how fast you can acquire the money necessary to buy these upgrades. All in all, you will have some hours of great fun when you try to finish the whole story. Because the game has more than a handful of endings, you could complete the game in only an hour or less. Unlocking the different endings doesn’t influence your main story.


For a game that has both a regular version and a VR port, it actually looks really good. The visuals are smooth and there is some attention to detail in the items, interactions with rocks and locations. While the town looks empty at first, it will start to grow and expand. It is easy to work with the simple U.I. and you can inspect each item that you hold. There are a lot of different treasures, ores and diamonds to be found and these all have their unique looks. Upgrades are clearly visible as they alter the appearance of the building or item. One of the coolest aspects of the game is that when you eat mushrooms, you will start to hallucinate and these lucid trips are an absolute blast!


As much time and effort the developers have devoted towards the graphics, the same can be said for the sounds. The news anchor that brings you the updates is nicely voiced and acts in the classical Wild West style of speaking. The music that plays during the excavations is great classic western country music. If you rather have something different playing in the background, you can just tune into the alternative radio channel on your train, so you can listen to genres like reggae and techno. While mining, the sound effects are highly realistic. You will hear your saw overheat and break down, stones getting chipped and rocks fall, all properly in sync with the theme of the game. These effects are of high quality and make for a really pleasant immersive experience.


Cave Digger is a mining game where you must mine as many ores as possible within a small time limit. In the beginning, you only have your trusty pickaxe and ore scanner. With this scanner you can look through the rocks to find the precious minerals, so you don’t waste your time on regular stones. When you enter the elevator and push the button, it will take you down into the shaft. There you will visit three floors, each only having half a minute per floor, so you will have to make your time count. Every run is randomized, so you will see many different floors with different themes, ranging from rivers of lava, mushroom caverns to crystal lakes.

As the game progresses, you will be able to purchase new tools and upgrades for these tools. Your pickaxe is the basic weapon for smashing rocks. Then, with a saw blade, you can cut out relics without destroying them. A drill allows you to drill for oil, while dynamite can blow up large portions at a time. Lastly, there’s an infinity gauntlet, which is an experimental tool where you must find stones to unlock new moves. The last tool is a secret one that you must unlock by finding a secret ending. To ensure you get the most value of your run, it is best to scan the walls, find out where relics and oil are and just blow up the walls that only hold ores. When you have mastered this combination, the money will flow in. This will be necessary if you want to make your way into the mountain that is next to the town. The goal of the game is to find all the endings, which isn’t extremely hard but it will take some time. Once you get inside the mountain, it will be easier to gather new wealth, as new upgrades will cost an arm and a leg.

If you are a person who loves serious progression, then the game might be a bit bland for you. There is a certain incentive that will keep you going for a while, but as there isn’t that much new content to explore it might not be for everyone. The best challenge you could give yourself is to unlock all the Steam achievements, as most of them will grant you a cool ending for the game. The ultimate goal is to find the four keys to open the underground vault, but this will take a lot of time and exploration to find them all.

Controlling the game is really easy as you only have a few buttons to work with and thanks to the on-screen guide you know what each tool does and how it works, which is perfect when you unlock the new modes for the infinity gauntlet. You can roam freely around the town and explore the deep caverns at will. Luckily, because the play area is so large you can actually teleport to different sections on the map.


Cave Digger is a really fun game that has been made with quality in mind. The polished graphics and great-sounding music will immerse you in this alternative western setting. Mine your way through tons of ores and become a rich miner. Invest the money back into the town, watch it grow and unlock the many endings that the game has. If you can enjoy some mindless digging, then this game will ensure you hours of fun. However, if you need a good story to keep you going, then it might become too boring after a while. Hunt for all the achievements and enjoy the train ride into the mountain.

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Cave Digger – Review, 9.2 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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