Challenging the norm of horror survivals with SYNDROME

Challenging the norm of horror survivals with SYNDROME

In the opinion of self-funded game development studio ‘Camel 101’, the horror survival genre has become focused on the wrong aspects. With many games focusing too heavily on atmosphere rather than the fear of danger, it’s no wonder this developer has had too much. That’s where ‘Syndrome’ comes in.

Heading back to the basics of horror, Syndrome throws you into a dark environment with highly limited resources and a high level of danger. Your environment, an isolated ship on the brink of being entirely forgotten, is dark, claustrophobic and filled with the horrors that killed the entire crew. The only way to overcome this terrifying situation is to push forward and uncover the dark secrets of this ship. Armed with little to no ammunition, blunt objects and your instincts, you’ll need to make hard decisions that will ultimately decide if you live, or die horribly.

Published by BIGMOON Entertainment and coming this summer to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac with Oculus Rift support at launch, Syndrome will be available to any who wish to face their most basic fears.

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