Check out the different trailers from during the Destiny 2 revelation live stream!

Check out the different trailers from during the Destiny 2 revelation live stream!

Bungie isn’t only known for their Halo game series. After the first install of their newest IP Destiny was a total success, they move on to the next chapter of the Destiny adventure. When the home base is attacked by a new enemy, Guardians are driven apart and they’re back at it. Before they can reunite their troops and fight back, they need to get new weapons and master new powers.

Discover with the Bungie team the new Destiny 2 destinations. In the new adventure, players travel across the solar system and back. Guardians are waiting for strange new worlds, where they are assured of more action than ever before.

Destiny brings together players to combine their forces against a common enemy. In Destiny 2, new social options allow players to experience everything the game has to offer. Create Firestams, join Clans and make new friends to conquer the biggest challenges together.

The next adventure introduction trailer:

The different worlds of Destiny 2:

Clans and Guided Games introduction trailer:


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