Chompy Chomp Chomp – Review
Follow Genre: Indie, Action
Developer: Utopian World of Sandwiches
Publisher: KISS ltd
Platforms: PC

Chompy Chomp Chomp – Review

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Good: Ability to up the difficulty in battle mode, 18 different maps
Bad: No online multiplayer mode, lack of solo gameplay, no window resolution options
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Chompy Chomp Chomp was originally released as an Xbox game in 2012, an indie action game featuring adorable and colorful hairy creatures. Independent game studio Utopian World of Sandwiches remade their first title into a PC version with a few more added features such as a PC exclusive single player or co-op Arcade Mode.

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In Chompy Chomp Chomp, there is no story that needs to be discovered. Naturally the creative minds can hatch their own version of a background story, at least for Battle Mode. In the Arcade Mode, there is meager story that the adorable hairy creatures, known as Bobblidees, have infested your garden. It is your task to defend your garden with all your might by chomping them safely in your tummy but watch out! The Queen Bobblidee is relentless and will come after you!


The visuals in Chompy Chomp Chomp are simple but quite colorful. This causes the colors to sort of blend in after a while which makes it a tad more difficult to spot your chompy since it can spawn on in either of four corners. This can be a big issue for those who are color blind and there are no settings for those that are. With 18 maps, split into six different categories, there is enough change in the scenery as you can pick a maps from a retro gamekid Tetris styled background to an industrial maze of doom to disco maps that make you feel like you’ve landed in the 70s.

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The music has this very rhythmic techno beat which is constantly on a loop. After a while this does get fairly annoying but once you’re playing the chomp noises make you forget all about it.


Both modes can be played with more than one person but this is done in a local multiplayer game which means that your friends and family would need to sit by you. If you have a gamepad, one can use the gamepad while two others can make use of the keyboard. I suppose you could add another gamepad for the fourth person but I couldn’t test that. However the local multiplayer works like a charm although the other person did have trouble finding their own chompy. The fact that there is no online multiplayer mode will leave many gamers with a bitter taste as not everyone has a house full of people that actually enjoy a good game packed with action.

In Arcade Mode there are two types of Blobbidees, which you need to eat. However, you can only eat one type of color which is presented as a target under your character. You will need to manually switch colors if you want to eat the other Blobbidees that have infested your garden but while you’re going after the smaller Bobblidees, the Queen of all Blobbidees goes after you and it is essential that you avoid her fangs at all costs. Arcade Mode can be played solo or if you prefer to play with a friend, there is a  co-op mode available.

Chompy Chomp Chomp arcade

Battle mode is where the true fun begins. Here you need to munch on your chompy comrades but the colors randomly shift every once in a while. This means that if you are playing red, you might be chasing blue while purple is hot on your back. While playing, there will be several types of boosts that will drop. Once you’ve ran over them and picked them up, you can use them by using A on the gamepad. These boosts range from speed boosts, to teleportation abilities and even invincibility. There are also boosts that can bubble other chompy’s or let them slip over some slippery ice puddle. Fruit acts as a multiplier, with a maximum multiplier of five. Your enemy chompy’s can also drop sticky pools, gas bombs, ice puddles and poison which you need to watch out for. To make the rounds even more challenging, you can turn off specific boosts and other settings.

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Chompy Chomp Chomp has the potential to become a great game but with the lack of several features, including online multiplayer mode, it may deliver less than what you would expect from it. The game lacks enough gameplay to play it for hours by yourself but once you add in a friend of a family member, things do get more fun rapidly. The local multiplayer is definitely the biggest focus and has lend some familiar features from the strategical Bomberman game. Fans of the classical Snake games will have a nostalgic feeling when they enter the arcade mode as it has the same type of concept, albeit slightly modernized. Fight it out in battle mode or work strategically together in arcade mode.  Chompy Chomp Chomp is a fun, fast-paced party game for all ages.

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