Chronicles of World War II launched on War Thunder

Chronicles of World War II launched on War Thunder

A new in-game event called “Chronicles of World War II” has been launched on the vehicular combat MMO War Thunder. These in-game events recreate some of the most important battles that took place in World War II.

Between mid-April and Victory Day in May, you can take part in more than 40 of the biggest military clashes of the 20th century, giving you the possibility to earn four new and unique premium vehicles. The armored car T18E2 will be added for the United States while France gets the Lorraine 155 MLE tank destroyer. Great Britain will acquire the Whirlwind P.9 Attacker and the USSR will gain the TANDEM-MAI multipurpose fighter. Apart from these vehicles, you can acquire dozens of new decals and decorations for your vehicles during this year’s series.

The events are held in a chronological order, beginning with the German invasion of the USSR in 1941 until the final battle for Berlin in 1945. In addition to the exclusive rewards obtainable in the new events, special bonuses are available by fulfilling tasks in War Thunder’s regular random battles. By obtaining “parts” you can obtain decals and decorative items that were previously available only in special events. This can lead you to unlocking the premium lend-lease Matilda Mk. II infantry tank for the USSR and PV-2D Harpoon Bomber for the USA. The number of tasks completed is tracked on the game’s official website and whenever this reaches a milestone, players will receive in-game rewards.

Take part in this newly added event now and conquer your opponents!

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