Chrono Trigger for Steam with trailer, and IOS and Android updates

Chrono Trigger for Steam with trailer, and IOS and Android updates

Today, Square Enix announced the Ultimate Chrono Trigger collection, universally recognized as one of the best games ever, and for the first time available on Steam! This version brings some amazing updates for old fans, and new ones alike such as two dungeons previously only in the DS and mobile versions, new and improved visuals and sound, keyboard/mouse and controller support and a new auto save function.

Players who purchase the Steam edition before the 2nd of April will also get the Limited edition with the following additional content for free:

  • A special digital medley of five of the most memorisable tracks:¬†“Far Off Promise”, “Wind Scene”, “Battle with Magus”, “Corridors of Time” and “Chrono Trigger”
  • A digital manual created by¬†componer Yasunori Mitsuda
  • a collection of 6 beautiful PC wallpapers in several formats.

Together with the steam release of the Ultimate edition, the mobile versions will also be getting updates to bring the visual fidelity and sound quality up to par with that of the Steam release, -and- the game will also be available through the Amazon AppStore, and it will receive an Apple TV compatibility update which also includes Retina-support.

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