Chrono Trigger gets a discount on Steam this week!

Chrono Trigger gets a discount on Steam this week!

With the release of the fifth and last content patch for the game, now is the ideal time to pick it up. After some community feedback, this patch brings the game back to its roots with some of the following updates:

  • full controller support: with the ability to completely remap all the buttons of both the keyboard and mouse, and controllers to your own liking
  • New extra’s: after completing the game, some new features unlock in the main menu such as; Movies for re-watching all the games cut-scenes, Illustrations to look at art, Sound to listen to all the game’s soundtracks, and finally Endings, to see all the game’s endings that you’ve completed
  • Other changes: Some other changes have been made, such as to the inventory screen, the name input screens, and simple Chinese input options, as well as some other bug fixes to do with problems with certain display drivers and cards, and display sizes, and other bugs.

The game is now available with a 50% discount on Steam, and a 30% discount on all other available platforms.

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