Cinéart releases two new stunning indie movies this December

Cinéart releases two new stunning indie movies this December

As a new month approaches, we once again have the opportunity to highlight two DVD releases Cinéart has planned. This December, two stunning indie movies with great representation grab the spotlight.

On December 2, Decision To Leave hits the shelves. This thriller by South-Korean director Park Chan-wook follows a detective who gets in over his head with a mysterious woman during a case. The movie won an award at the Cannes Film Festival and is definitely worth a watch if you like suspense and a slowly unraveling story.

And on December 16, Tori et Lokita also releases. This Belgian drama gives a harrowing but realistic look into the life of refugees as it revolves around Tori and Lokita, two children who fled Africa and find themselves with nobody to rely on except each other while trying to survive in an unknown country. This movie was directed by the Dardenne brothers and also won an award at that same Cannes Film Festival.

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