Circle Empires – Apex Monsters DLC – Review
Follow Genre: RTS
Developer: Luminous
Publisher: Iceberg Interactive
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Circle Empires – Apex Monsters DLC – Review

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Two months after the release of Circle Empires, developer Luminous has released the first DLC for the game; Circle Empires: Apex Monsters! The new DLC brings some new features to the game so you can conquer the circles with new armies and slay other monster in order to become the best again. If you want to read the review of the full game you can read it here.


The new Circle Empires: Apex Monsters! DLC doesn’t bring a story to the game. In the main game it was a good decision to leave out an actual story and only add three different game modes to play. But with the release of the DLC they had a chance to do something different and change it a bit to give more depth to the game. Even if it was just another game mode to play, it would have been great. But to leave it out in this DLC, they really missed one here.


The DLC doesn’t bring any new updates to the graphics. It still uses a simple cartoon style which give the game an enjoyable vibe. The new characters and monsters that they have added fit in with the already existing ones, so they didn’t do a bad job while creating these.


Circle Empires: Apex Monsters! didn’t change anything when it comes to the sound, everything stayed the same as in the base game. The sound isn’t really contributing to the gameplay. With the release of the DLC they had a chance to change the sound but they didn’t do it, same goes for the sound-effects, they really should have done this better.


Circle Empires is a RTS-game where you have to build an army and conquer other armies circles. With the release of the DLC Circle Empires: Apex Monsters! we have already figured out that when looking at the story, graphics and sound nothing did change. So what did change you might ask? Well they have added six new leaders you can play with during the different game modes, twelve new monsters to hunt down during your campaign to circle domination. With the six new leaders they have also added twenty-one new units to build an army with so all the leaders have a new unit to recruit and battle for them. Last but not least they added a new autumn themed biome.

Furthermore there are no changes made to the gameplay, making this DLC more feel like a paid update.


While looking at the DLC and taking everything in consideration, they really went in the wrong direction. With no changes being made regarding the story, graphics, sound and different game modes, or at least the addition of one, this doesn’t feel like a successful DLC. And only the addition of some new characters which do the exact same thing as the ones that were already in the base game; makes it feel like you can better burn your money than invest. With the game release only two months behind us they could have given the community a gift by a free update, but instead they ask more money for it, without actually contributing to the base game.

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Rating: 4.3/10 (3 votes cast)
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Circle Empires - Apex Monsters DLC - Review, 4.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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