Circuit Superstars – Review
Follow Genre: Arcade, Racing
Developer: Original Fire Games
Publisher: Square Enix
Platform: PC, Xbox One
Tested on: PC

Circuit Superstars – Review

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Good: Original, Adds a few simulation mechanics to an arcade game, Easy to get into
Bad: Needs a save function for the longer GP events
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Gone are the days that wacky top-down racing games were a staple in the gaming industry. Many may remember themselves playing the Micro Machines games where they would drive with their miniature cars over the dining room table, or even over the kitchen counter, trying to avoid hazards or simply doing all they can not to fall off the track. We loved these games, but big publishers have somewhat ignored these titles for the last decade. Instead, we have gotten a lot of Mario Kart clones and attempts at serious racing games. Now, a new contender is racing for the gold, as Circuit Superstars tries to revive the games of old, with some mechanics that we normally only see in simulation games. Easy-to-learn top-down racing with damage, fuel management, and wear and tear on your tires? We were very intrigued by the offset.


There is absolutely no story value to be found in Circuit Superstars and that is perfectly fine. The game aims for a pick-up-and-play experience, where you just pick the mode you wish to play, choose the track(s), your car, and you’re good to go. The game offers offline and online content, and there is no need to throw a story or career mode in the mix.


You’ll be treated to a very cute visual representation of the cars and your driver, while the tracks themselves look a bit more serious. The cars are rounded-out low poly versions of famous vehicles, and this style works great for the game. As the game aims to please veteran racing fans, as well as newcomers, the accessible graphical style makes it easier to attract a bigger crowd. We loved the diversity the game has on offer, and it’s fun that players will be able to slightly modify the color schemes of their cars and driver. More options are unlocked the more you play the game.


The menus of the game have very catchy music you can enjoy, but the moment you hit the tracks, you’ll have to make do with the different engine noises. This suffices for the game, as you’ll be focused on taking your turns properly anyway. We would have perhaps loved a proper commentary function, or something along those lines, but the audio design is functional and accurate.


Circuit Superstars is an arcade top-down racing game, that adds a few simulation aspects to its gameplay loop. You’ll be able to play with twelve different cars on nineteen tracks, making sure there is enough material to go through. The game offers a lot of replay value, as every car handles differently, and mastering them all will take some time. The overall gameplay core is very simple, as you only need two buttons to control the game (three if you count the reset option). The game is all about learning how to drive with the different vehicles and approach turns as you would in a simulation game. You’ll have to respect the track, as taking shortcuts may give you penalties. Unlike the easy controls of the game, you’ll have to master following the correct ‘racing line’, as well as when to go to the pitstop to refuel and repair your vehicle. It’s the latter that adds a very original aspect to this otherwise very arcade-like game.

Even though we basically loved everything that Circuit Superstars threw at us, we did miss a proper save system when playing GPs offline. Some of these consist of four tracks, with qualifying laps, to then do twelve laps per track for the actual event. This means you might be spending around an hour to finish one GP, which is a lot of time for a game such as this. While there are shorter races available, to clear all of the available championships, you’ll have to set aside huge chunks of time to actually be able to clear them. We do hope that a save function can be embedded for offline single players in-between races.


Circuit Superstars is an absolute delight for newcomers and veterans that love a mix of arcade racing with very basic simulation elements. This bite-sized racing game offers a lot of content for a very fair price while being very accessible for a big crowd. It’s easy to get into, but it takes a lot of time to master, especially when you want to amp up your skills with all the available vehicles in the game. Even though we mention it’s a great pick-up-and-play title, some of the more advanced championships will require a lot of time to be completed, all without a save system, forcing you to complete very long championships in one sitting. We do hope a save system gets added in the near future, and then there’s literally nothing holding us back from calling this a marvelous game.

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Circuit Superstars - Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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