Cities in Motion 2: Marvellous Monorail Expansion

Cities in Motion 2: Marvellous Monorail Expansion

Paradox Interactive released the “Marvellous Monorail” expansion today for Cities in Motion 2, a transit simulation game. The expansion allows players to add monorail vehicles and tracks to their growing cities. Marvellous MonorailĀ  is available for $9.99 on PC, Mac, and as of today also on Linux.

Players can ad up 5 new monorail vehicles to their fleet and customize their layouts with elevated rails to carry them. Monorails are ideal for inner-city connections, and offer affordable alternatives to metro lines, with a choice of cars from big-and-slow to speedy-and-expensive.

In Cities in Motion 2, players need to design, construct and maintain a multifaceted transit network that serves the needs of a growing city. Fleets of different kinds of vehicles must be assembled and set in motion on player-created tracks and routes, providing affordable and efficient transit between growing residential and even commercial centers. As they engineer their own systems, the city will continue to grow, keeping players on their feet with increased population, congestion, and budgetary concerns.

To read more about Cities in Motion 2, visit: www.citiesmotion2.comĀ 

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