Cities: Skyline offers new content free of charge

Cities: Skyline offers new content free of charge

Cities: Skyline, the most appraised city builder, has received the first major update since the game’s release, completely free of charge. You’re reading that correctly, the update which is dubbed version 1.1: European Theme will costs you absolute nothing!

Jakob Munthe, brand manager of Paradox, explained that “Cities: Skylines will continue to follow the traditions set by other recent Paradox releases such as Crusader Kings II and Europa Universalis IV of paid expansions combined with large updates of free content ensuring that all players, whether they choose to purchase the expansions or not, will have plenty of new features to look forward to. One of the major differences, however, between those titles and Cities: Skylines will be that minor DLC updates will be uncommon. The majority of content updates will be significant upgrades and additions.”


The new update brings plenty of new content to discover, including three new European themed maps and over fifty European styled buildings for these new map themes. Wall-to-wall building is enabled for these fancy new buildings. A feature that has been requested countless times has finally arrived as well: tunnels! To top it off, the Asset Editor has received numerous additions, including the ability to import custom vehicles – which in all honesty sounds awesome but the best part is that a multitude of smaller cosmetic items has been added as well. Lastly, several bugs have been squashed. You can read the full patch-notes right here.

“Going forward, we will focus on giving away the main features for free and improving the modding tools, while also selling major expansions around new mechanics. But we will also continue to offer free content such as new buildings and road types.”, Munthe continued.


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