City Block Builder comes to Steam Early Access on 22 September

City Block Builder comes to Steam Early Access on 22 September

Tentworks Interactive has just revealed the release date of their 1950s LA tycoon management game City Block Builder, which is coming to Steam Early Access on the 22nd of September.

City Block Builder is a mashup experience of tycoon management with large-scale city building elements, where you play as a young entrepreneur, looking to build up your own business empire. As the owner of several establishments, it’s up to you to make the decisions that count, be it what decoration to use, what is available on the menu, or who to hire.

You can also have all kinds of businesses, from bowling alleys, to jazz clubs, to drive-in theaters, parlors, and more. Micromanage each detail, and find creative solutions to complex problems, all with the look and feel of Los Angeles in the 1950s, with its bold, technicolor palette, dapper outfits, and neat slogans. There will also be a Sandbox Mode offering full freedom to create the city of your dreams with no expense spared! Every decision you make will set you on a different path, giving different players varying outcomes.

Watch the new trailer here:

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