City of Brass – now available on Nintendo Switch!

City of Brass – now available on Nintendo Switch!

Today City of Brass launches on Switch. This Arabian Nights-inspired game is a first-person adventure from the veterans that helped make BioShock: Uppercut Games.

You’ll be exploring a cursed city that is filled with deadly traps which are there to protect the heaps of hidden treasures. There are three unlockable characters that come with the Nintendo Switch release. You’ll start out with a trusty bullwhip and blade but there will other weapons that you can unlock.

“After years working on the BioShock series, we’ve brought that knowledge to bear in City of Brass, which incorporates our love of hack-and-slash gameplay and mythological folklore,” said Ed Orman, co-founder, and designer, Uppercut Games. “Now we’re happy to bring City of Brass to the Switch and introduce the Nintendo community to our world while providing existing fans a new way to play and take the experience on the go.”

The locals of the city have been cursed because of their over the top love of money and riches. They are now cursed but even then they will not let you take their treasures. You will have to hack and slash through the undead, sorcerers, genies and other horrors that haunt the city as well as avoid traps. Luckily you can use the traps to your advantage by pulling enemies in them. The city itself will also not make it easy for you to get to the treasure as it’s streets intertwine like a labyrinth. Get as much treasure and power-ups that you can find before the sands of time run out.

City of Brass is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and now also on Nintendo Switch.

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