Civilization VI: Rise And Fall – Genghis Khan leads Mongolia

Civilization VI: Rise And Fall – Genghis Khan leads Mongolia

Take-Two Interactive Software shared today a new piece of information about the upcoming (to be released on February 8, 2018) expansion of Civilization IV. They will re-add the nation of Mongolia, unsurprisingly lead by the mighty Genghis Khan. The update will include 7 other nations, and 8 other leaders.

Mongolia will benefit from the following nation-unique characteristics:

  • An unit: the Keshig, which is a elite horse archer with the ability to speed up slower moving units.
  • An improvement called Ordu (meaning ‘palace tent’) granting a movement bonus to both light as heavy cavalry.
  • Örtoo – a civilization ability boosting Combat Strength and and Diplomatic Visibility. The name comes from the Mongolian supply system for messengers.
  • The Mongol Horde leader ability, giving a combat bonus to all Mongolian cavalry class units and also the chance to capture enemy cavalry class units.

More information in the trailer below and in the blog post on 2K’s official site. You can also subscribe on YouTube, like Civilization on Facebook, or follow @CivGame on Twitter.

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