Clash Cup Turbo – Preview
Follow Genre: Sport, Pong
Developer: ROOT 76
Publisher: ROOT 76
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Clash Cup Turbo – Preview

Good: Lots of map and character choices, graphics
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Pong games seem to have found their second youth as a lot of indie developers are turning to this genre. For instance, not so long ago we had the opportunity to review Spirit Sphere where you could also compete against others. As Clash Cup Turbo is still in pre-alpha, we can only get a glimpse of the title. Let’s take a look if there is anything refreshing in this game already.

Clash Cup Turbo

First of all, Clash Cup Turbo focuses on the multiplayer part. When starting the game, the main menu shows directly what different possibilities you have. Although the main goal of the game is to get you together with your friends, it would have been nice if there was at least a bit of a narrative available. It doesn’t have to be extensive or deep, but just something that would get you fired up to compete. Now, it just feels that you’re choosing someone but not fully understand why or how. Your main reasons would be the visuals or the stats of each character.

Talking about visuals, they will certainly remind you of a cartoonish style from the good old days. No CGI or any other fancy schmancy but colorful and bright drawings. As you’re playing the game top-down, there will mostly be 2D visuals, both on the field as in the menu. The developers did their best to provide a diverse set of available characters, each with their own peculiar visuals. Environment wise it’s the same, although the main players stand out in comparison with the audience and the setting. There are quite some different surroundings to choose from, which is quite fun.

Clash Cup Turbo

The developers added some up-tempo tracks to get you pumping and ready for action. Even more, each of the maps have their own distinct tune, suiting that type of area completely and making it more easy to submerge in this game. Sound effects are available too, like smashing the puck and activating your super-strength powers are all guided by some obvious special effects.

In Clash Cup Turbo, you can take up arms against A.I. or friends. Up to four players can compete and each player can choose his favorite character. Depending on how many players there are, both controllers or different keyboard settings can be used to play together. We tried to connect several devices but were unable to really use them properly so this is something the developers really need to look into before going live. Your main asset will be your weapon to smash the projectile to the other camp and get the pegs down that are protecting the goal. Of course, expect some counterattacks from the other side. Hitting pegs or other obstacles in a level will give you some blue orbs. Collecting these will increase your meter so you can perform a super move. You can also trigger a special attack by holding in the charge button, making it possible to unleash a devastating attack. The only downside is that you can’t really walk while channelling, so it could be you’re preparing something and the puck isn’t coming near you for ages. This actually might make you lose precious defence and even make you lose a round or the game in general.

Clash Cup Turbo

For now, there are two game modes that are available namely Regulation and Elimination. The first one is so you have to score several points before you’ve won while the latter gives everyone an amount of lives which you need to defend before you die. This explanation isn’t given though and you’re practically thrown into the dark, making it kind of hard to understand what is happening. Also, when someone performs a strike, another name appears on the screen, making things quite confusing. Although this is a pre-alpha build, there are still a few elements that could use some improvement. In the end, it would also be great if the developers add just that little extra that makes this game stand out more in a sea of similar games.


Clash Cup Turbo is a multiplayer oriented pong game that will make you clash against A.I. or friends. Since there isn’t any story-related content, you’re thrown into the game and it’s kind of hard to get in to the competition part. The graphics will take you into a comic-like world while the sound will make you reminiscence about your childhood. As this is a pre-alpha build, there are still quite some issues and it doesn’t really stand out against the other possibilities but people who like multiplayer games might have a new title upcoming soon.

Clash Cup Turbo

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Clash Cup Turbo - Preview, 7.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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