Closed beta coming up for NARAKA: BLADEPOINT

Closed beta coming up for NARAKA: BLADEPOINT

24 Entertainment, is proud to announce the closed beta phase of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT. The closed beta phase will start on November 3 and will run for about one week until the 9th of November. All fans, players and press are welcome to apply for a beta key on the game’s website or Discord.

In NARAKA, you control one of the many different characters, each with their own skill sets. By the use of a grappling hook, you’re able to take on many sorts of terrains with ease. You can also zipline across tree lines, traverse mountains in seconds while enjoying the scenery of Moros Island, and of course, watching out for enemies near you.

NARAKA places a big focus on skill-based cut and thrust close-quarters combat. To win in this game, you need to parry, block and thrust your opponents into submission with the use of your own sharp reflexes. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any ranged weapons in this game, but it won’t be easy to hit others with a bow and arrow while they run across the map. Making a mistake can show your location and will make you vulnerable to attacks, so be careful with each action you make.

Below you can watch the special Closed Beta Trailer for NARAKA: BLADEPOINT.

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