Closers – entering closed Beta in Europe and North-America

Closers – entering closed Beta in Europe and North-America

The anime beat-‘em-up is one step closer to release by going into closed Beta today. Players that enter the Closed Beta testing can get a whole lot of extra in-game stuff and rewards. The publishers don’t plan on erasing the character data so you get to keep all your progress when Closers launches.

Closers is a game where you beat up aliens as an elite agent from UNION. This is an organization that deals with the menace of portals that give entrance to all kinds of dangerous aliens from other dimensions. There are 5 different characters with diverse personalities and combat style that the player can pick when the game launches.

A lot of in-game events will be hosted for closed Beta testers. Even just logging in will give players an increasing daily reward. Other rewards include useful consumable items when logging in during a weekend and CBT Gift Tokens when the player clears a dungeon worth more than 10 fatigue points. CBT Tokens can be spent on pieces for a full Gifted Cadet Uniform in-game.

If you want to join the Closers closed Beta testing there are four options: a Trainee bundle, the Agent bundle, the Union Hero bundle and the premium Ace Closer Bundle. The latter comes with a ton of exclusive costumes; 180 days of elite subscription time, 10,000 EMP and much more.

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