Cloud gaming service Utomik launched today!

Cloud gaming service Utomik launched today!

The brand new Utomik Cloud app is now available on TV! With this cloud gaming app you can pick from a list of 100 carefully selected videogames from the Utomik catalog, optimized for gaming on your 2022 Samsung Smart TV, with more games (and devices!) coming throughout the year. The Utomik cloud gaming service will initially release in Early Access, including a 14-day free trial! Subscribers during the Early Access period will enjoy special prices: €8.99 for a personal plan or €12.99 for a four-person family plan!

The Utomik app is now available within the Samsung Gaming Hub on 2022 Samsung Smart TVs. Later this year, the Utomik Cloud app will also launch on mobile devices with Android 9 or higher, starting with 200 curated games that are included within the cloud gaming subscription. Depending on the platform availability of the games you’re playing, you can even switch between various devices. For instance, you can start playing a game on your TV, only to continue on your phone or tablet as you make your way to your desktop.

Utomik is a worldwide gaming subscription service that services both the B2C and the B2B market with their hybrid gaming platform. The platform delivers an excellent user experience through cloud gaming and fast-download tech, which ensures a smooth game performance all over the world. Partners such as Samsung embrace this progressiveness by adapting Utomik’s services to their products. Supporting a games library of 1300+ high-quality titles on PC and currently a subset of those for Samsung TV and Android devices users in the cloud, the platform appeals to both casual and core audiences of all ages. Cloud gaming allows Utomik to offer an accessible gaming experience, allowing people to play whenever and wherever they want.

Utomik’s hybrid gaming platform holds a unique position in the market. Utomik occupies the perfect sweet spot between two audiences with its hybrid model: by providing its cloud service and content to gamers and by offering a multi-faceted business proposal to studios. Thanks to Utomik, popular games and smaller indie titles that are usually hidden in the shadows can share the spotlight on multiple platforms such as TVs and soon also, mobile devices, and tablets.

Visit the official website of Utomik to learn more about this cloud gaming service!

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