CM Storm QuickFire TK – Hardware Review
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Developer: Cooler Master
Publisher: Cooler Master
Platform: PC

CM Storm QuickFire TK – Hardware Review

Good: Reduced size, Easy to handle
Bad: No macro keys
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Recently we discussed the capabilities and quality of the QuickFire Pro. Cooler Master presented us with the chance to try out its little brother, namely the Quickfire TK, one of CM Storm’s gaming keyboards. Little brother is only the right term when it comes to size, but not what you’re able to do with it. Right?


Appearance wise the QuickFire TK tends to look identical to the QuickFire Pro, with the exception that the numpad and the arrow keys are combined into one ‘piece’ of the keyboard. Whilst combining both parts of the keyboard you tend to reduce the space this bulky looking keyboard takes up. When comparing sizes of both keyboards, a difference of roughly 8 centimeters can be measured. Like its big brother the TK also has a removable USB-cable, hence making transportation a tad easier, once again.

Keys with a double function are once again a ‘key’ feature for this line of Cooler Master keyboards. You will be able to use your F keys for extra features like activating the LED lights in the keyboard, choosing the brightness of the LED lights, media functions and what not, after activating the FN key. The FN key on the Quick Fire TK however, does not activate immediately when pressing it down, like the Pro does. You will need to hold the key down in order for it to activate and the same goes for turning it off.

Same goes for the numpad section of the QuickFire TK, you will have to activate your arrow keys by pressing the num lock key and vice versa. For those who tend to use the arrow keys a lot in combination with the numeric keys, this might be a tad annoying. Then again, you wouldn’t be buying this specific model either.


Cherry MX switches are also available for the TK version, as well as several other models. Once again this means you can pretty much choose the keyboard that fancies you the most. The Cherry version offers quick response and will probably be best for games like first person shooters and several action-themed games. The TK also has the possibility to remove all keys, with a simple but handy tool provided in the box.

Unlike the QuickFire Pro, which had only partial LED lighting, the TK has full LED lighting. You will have the chance to choose from different set-ups to partially or fully light up your keyboard. Other function keys will allow you to edit the brightness of those keys  that are lit up.

Own opinion

Having tested the Pro version as well, it’s easy to say both keyboards feel practically the same except for the reduced/combined numpad section.  The function key might take a little too long to actually activate, but other than that it’s pretty much smooth sailing all the way for the QuickFire TK. Reaction speed is as it should be, the device itself feels sturdy and has a qualitative feel to it. Sadly, this keyboard lacks macro keys like some other models on the market do. This is made up with the retail price of this product.



When choosing between the Quick Fire TK and the Quick Fire Pro it’s simply a matter of having to consider how much desk space you have when playing games and if you actually need separate arrow keys or numpad. In the end this is another solid product by Cooler Master that happens to be worth its money.

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CM Storm QuickFire TK - Hardware Review, 9.3 out of 10 based on 9 ratings

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