CM Storm Skorpion – Hardware Review
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Developer: Cooler Master
Publisher: Cooler Master
Platform: PC

CM Storm Skorpion – Hardware Review

Good: Looks nifty and is actually useful
Bad: Lacks the functionality as a USB-hub like others on the market
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It’s well known most gamers prefer to have a wired gaming set-up instead of a wireless one. Of course for some this might bring some problems when it comes to entangled cables or cables that tend to get stuck because of lack of space. To solve this several companies developed pieces of hardware named ‘Mouse Anchors’. These nifty devices help you prevent entangled cables or simply guide the cable of your mouse when a lack of space is indeed a problem of yours. Cooler Master’s CM Storm Skorpion is one of these pieces of hardware that might just save the day.

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Going off on appearance again, it’s easy to say that the Skorpion actually looks like a mechanical scorpion that might have lost several legs in combat. (Meaning it looks badass!) Even when you’re not using it, this thing looks pretty cool on your desk or even amongst your collectible figurines when you no longer need it.

A few practicalities that make the Skorpion a handy device when you happen to go from one LAN-party to another: it happens to be a piece of hardware that can be disassembled at any given time, thus making it easier to take with you and not having to discover any broken parts upon arrival. The ‘legs’ of the device also have a grip coating on the bottom, causing it to have maximum grip on every surface.


The CM Storm Skorpion has a weight in the middle of the device keeping it stable at all times. (Of course, if you go Hulk on it, it will surely move.) Also the tail, which keeps your cable in check, is made out of a flexible rubber (naughty naughty) that will bend according to hand movements you make.

Own opinion:

There is not much more to see that the Skorpion is a nice looking piece of hardware in use, as well as out. About using it, if I have to be completely honest, I had to create situations where I limited my space to actually test the device. In these situations the Skorpion proved to be a decent piece of hardware to prevent annoyances like a stuck cable in the middle of an important match.


The only disadvantage I see in this device is that some of the other mouse anchors on the market also do service as a USB-hub. Then again not having this option, cuts down the price of the CM Storm Skorpion. Simply put: ‘Nifty’.

Note: for a full list of specs click here.

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CM Storm Skorpion - Hardware Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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