Co-op on the way for Debris

Co-op on the way for Debris

In October of 2017, the single player campaign was released and on the 26th of February co-op will be introduced. You’ll be able to play in a sunken world, hidden between rocks and ice. Due to an accident, you’re stranded beneath the ice and you have to survive at all cost. You have to find power, battle strange creatures and discover what other mysteries are lurking around.

  • A mysterious story that leaves you questioning everything. The story of Debris unfolds in the communication between players as they struggle to navigate and unravel why they’re trapped and how they can escape.
  • Multiple endings dramatically impacted by key choices.
  • An unconventional, narrative co-op mode where your partner matters and tensions are high. Three lives are in the balance. One has a light, one has a gun; one sees everything, one hears everything; one is lost, and one is stuck. But everyone thinks they know what’s really going on.
  • Living, breathing characters voiced through conversational dialogue.
  • Everything you can do is tied to power, which counts down continuously. Debris is full of choices, all dependent on the time you have, the time you lose, the time you need and the time you are willing to spend.
  • A unique underwater setting like nothing you’ve ever seen. With 8 axes of movement (including buoyancy), players glide through the arctic labyrinth and quickly discover that their prison is home to strange bioluminescent flora and fauna, prey and predators of light and darkness.

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