Code Vein combat system revealed

Code Vein combat system revealed

Today BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe revealed some new screenshots from Code Vein. These screenshots show off some cool assets that will be implemented into the game. The character creation tool allows you to change your character’s gender, hairstyle and voice. There are also 2 new characters. First up there is Louis, who wants to aid the Revenants and is on a quest to find the source of the Blood Beads. And lastly there is Io, a female revenant who joins the protagonists on their adventure.

The screenshots also reveal a bit more about Code Vein’s combat system:

  • Gift System: Allows players the use of up to 8 gifts during combat to increase their offensive of defensive capabilities.
  • Stamina will be used to fuel your actions whether it’s about attacking, dashing or draining. The Stamina Gauge will show you how much stamina you have left.
  • Partner Action: A feature that helps a player during battle. Allies will provide additional support and they will raise you skills and Health Points when needed.
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