CODE VEIN – More of the story revealed

CODE VEIN – More of the story revealed

More information has been released about BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment’s new game: CODE VEIN. CODE VEIN is a third-person action RPG where immortal soldiers have been created called Revenants. These soldiers have been created to stop the near human extinction that was caused by a disastrous event called the “Great Collapse”. Injecting bodies with the Biological Organ Regenerative Parasite brought the people back to life and it stays that way until their heart gets destroyed.

After an intense fight, the protagonist wakes up without his memories. Waking up next to him is a woman, Io,  that seems to know a lot about him and his powers. Blood beads are things that are highly sought after since they give a boost. Blood beads are created inside blood springs. The powerful have taken control of the blood springs and are forcing the weak to collect the blood beads like slaves. Io gets taken hostage by Revenants and the protagonist gets forced to go underground to look for blood beads.

After returning to the surface the protagonist is forced to fight the Revenants who have gone mad for blood. He luckily gets help from Louis and they succeed to win the fight. Louis then takes the protagonist to the base. Players get tasked with adventuring throughout the world to find answers and to unravel the past.

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