Collaboration event started for Darkness Rising

Collaboration event started for Darkness Rising

Today, the collaboration event in Darkness Rising with Ubisoft’s highly acclaimed action game, For Honor has started. In this collaboration, you can go fight others in character costumes modeled after fan-favorite For Honor costumes, including the Kensei, Peacekeeper, Nobushi, Hulda, Warden, Raider, and Black Prior. This event will also include in-game packages for players that include collaboration costumes and For Honor pet Eggs.

By completing mission rewards during this event, you can earn high-ranking chest rewards that will contain many rewards including the special collaboration items. Those who get higher up in the ranks in the special collaboration Event PvP Brawl will be rewarded with Rank S++ For Honor Costume chests and even win full For Honor outfits if they reach the top rank.

For more info on the latest updates and news about Darkness Rising, follow the Instagram and Twitter pages of Darkness Rising.

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