Come check out my cool HAWK!

Come check out my cool HAWK!

I haven’t been keeping up with the Phoenix Wright/ Ace Attorney series in quite a while now, I played through the first two or so then put the franchise down. To be fair no one told me Hawks are back in fashion though, if I had known I would have come back sooner. The latest entry into the Ace Attorney franchise brings a new prosecutor intro the fray in the form of Blackquill, who is not only pretty cool looking and currently serving time in jail thus having his trusty stabbing knife chained to his body. (Obviously outside of prison knives aren’t in vogue) He has a trusty HAWK friend whose name is Taka, which is japanese for HAWK, telling us Blackquill is really bad with names though I wouldn’t say it to his face.

Maybe this’ll be the game that brings me back into the Ace Attorney fray, I mean they have HAWKS so I don’t know what I’m waiting for.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney- Dual Destiny’s is out already in Japan but will make it’s way into Europe and North America later this year on the 3DS.

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