Comic Block June 2016 – Review
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Company: Nerd Block Inc.
Month: June 2016
Price: $19.99

Comic Block June 2016 – Review

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The mystery subscription boxes can be the highlight of your month by evoking the feelings of receiving gifts. Themed gifts that you know you’ll most likely end up loving because you already have a rough idea of its content before it arrives at your doorstep. The Comic Block by Nerd Block offers comics and goodies in a monthly mystery subscription box, evoking that specific feeling on a monthly basis.

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The concept of mystery subscription boxes is rather simple. You find one with a theme that you like and pay the fee. Certain subscription boxes are monthly but there are tons of others that are bi-monthly or even quarterly. Each of these boxes can vary in cost and frequency but the concept remains the same. Once you’ve paid the fees, a package filled with retail products of that specific theme will arrive at your doorstep without you knowing the specific contents. This is the mysterious aspect of these boxes. The blocks offered by Nerd Block always contain the obligatory T-shirt and a range of goodies from the theme you’ve picked out; Classic, Arcade, Horror, Sci-Fi or Comic. The latter always comes with a few comics and merchandise of famous comic book characters. June features a plethora of goodies from the Marvel universe once again so we’ll dig right in.

 comic block june 001

  • Exclusive Shirt Punch Ultimate Spider-Man T-shirt
  • Exclusive The Punisher bottom print pint glass
  • NECA Deadpool Scaler
  • TMNT: Bebop & Rocksteady Destroy Everything #1 variant cover
  • Spider-Gwen #1 annual variant cover

comic block june 002

Marvel seems to be the common theme for this month’s box and the obligatory T-shirt kicks off this theme with an exclusive Shirt Punch shirt featuring Spider-Man in his famous swinging pose. Although we are huge fans of the Marvel universe, I have personally never liked Spider-Man or the narrative of his entire being, but this shirt absolutely rocks and we will proudly wear it. For those of you are unsure of his mostly black costume, this is not the Peter Parker’s version of Spider-Man. The character used for this month’s shirt is the less commonly known Miles Morales that officially gained the Spider-Man title in Spider-Man #1.

As always, Shirt Punch delivers shirts that feature great fits and are 100% cotton meaning the fabric is simply wonderful at all times. Typically these shirts are priced around $10. Starting this month, Nerd Block is also including a $10 credit promo card in every block they sent out which you can use in the Shirt Punch online store for an item of your choice. Typically Shirt Punch offers T-shirts but they also have plush toys, vinyl figures, retro collectibles, desk accessories and other geek related products so the credit can be used for yourself or your younger family members.

comic block june 003

Surprisingly, the June block isn’t carrying any Funko vinyl figures. Instead the box offers a NECA Deadpool scaler which you can attach to any type of cables, as long as it fits in his tiny hands. Most common places to hang them on are computer or headphone cables but lanyards and shoelaces are not quite unheard of. These adorable 2″ figures have always been in our sights but there are so many to choose from so we are thrilled that Nerd Block added one in their block. The prices for these vary a lot. Amazon has them for $18 even though they typically go for $4.99 in most stores so we’ll maintain a price of $7.50 for it.

Last month we received the first edition of Frank Castle’s comic and the next item is a bottom print pint glass by Surreal Entertainment featuring The Punisher‘s logo and infamous skull design both on the side of the glass, as well as the bottom. The regular version of this pint glass ranges from $7.50 to $15 but this glass is an exclusive variant and hard to find so we’ll maintain a price of $15. The glass itself is quite heavy and its size is perfect to enjoy a nice cold beer or soda during the summer time. We do hope more pint glasses are coming our way because one glass is such a meagre collection.

comic block june 004

We’ve finally reached the most important section of the June’s Comic Block review, namely the comics themselves. Both comics are exclusive variants and we cannot wait to read them. Everyone’s favourite warthog and rhino mutants Bebop and Rocksteady have returned to wreck havoc in TMNT: Bebop & Rocksteady Destroy Everything #1. The comic is priced at $3.99.

In Spider-Gwen Annual #1, the Spider-Woman known as Gwen Stacy meet the savage wrestling champion She-Hulk and makes the most of the situation – finding out of what that spider did to her was in fact reality. The first edition is priced at $4.99 and is a perfect addition to the Spider-Man T-shirt.


Although the amount of items seems to dwindle each month, the value has stayed somewhat the same for the latest blocks, offering a rather decent value for a mystery subscription box that costs $19.99 excluding shipping. Once again, we have thoroughly enjoyed this month’s block and the Spider-Man shirt is our favourite shirt of all blocks so far. The Comic Block of July will switch things up a bit as it will feature items of Suicide Squad, Batman and Doctor Strange.

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