Comic Con Gent 2019

Summertime is creeping closer, meaning that we’re almost halfway through the con year. After the last event in Brussels, the organization behind the Belgian Comic Cons visited a different city. Comic Con Gent, being held at the ICC for a while now, made it possible to dive into the wondrous world of movies, games and anime yet again.

Entering the convention, you were guided to the first floor as the actual start of the event was there. Before going up, you were able to look at some nice LEGO replicas, spread across a few tables. Upon arriving at the correct floor, you could already see the several vendors that were showing off their wares. You had to get your detective brain working though, as the shops were spread first floor and a separated part on the ground level. Next to (a lot) of Funko pops, you could also find other figurines, T-shirts, mugs, probably anything your heart would desire. Even more, there were some sellers that would provide you with an (un)healthy dose of snacks, both with Asian influences as American varieties. Looking for something else? There was also some dried fruits for you to enjoy or some nice cupcakes and pies.

Comic Con Gent also provided some activities/sessions for the attendees. Several popular actors and celebrities were invited, meaning you could line up and get an autograph or even a picture together (for a fee of course). Even more, some of them gave short interviews, which is always fun to follow. Of course, cosplayers were also invited to show their costumes on the stage for the catwalk. The stage was in a separate area, where a lot of other stands were present too. Always wanted to see the suits of some of the Power Rangers up close? Wanted a picture with stormtroopers? Or maybe you would like to fly on a broom for once? Everything was available here. If you were looking for something more energetic, you could attend the silent disco and go nuts while just next door there were some gaming consoles available for the people who enjoy to have some relaxing time.

If you were looking for some food, you had to change course and head outside. There was a small food court outside the venue, where you could get some fries, Vietnamese food or other delicious nomnoms. Of course, there was quite a queue during lunchtime so that was something you had to calculate beforehand. Being outside and as the venue is located in a park, there were barely any possibilities for sitting down while enjoying your food, which is always a shame. A lot of people had to stand and seeing there weren’t that many possible seating areas inside too, chances were high your feet were killing you.


Overall, the convention was well organized although the layout of the venue was a bit impractical because the vendors were split over two floors and several rooms. The organizers did try to add quite some activities and celebrities to fill your day, like the silent disco. It would have been nice if there were more eating possibilities or at least locations to sit down.

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