Command and Conquer getting a campaign

Command and Conquer getting a campaign

It seems as though EA’s upcoming free-to-play Command and Conquer game will be getting if not a single-player mode then at the very least a campaign that seems to be telling a coherent story. Well a story at the very least. It seems you’ll be taking control of the Asia-Pacific Alliance faction who until now have been the uncontested superpower in the world for the past decade, when old enemies start to return and threaten your place of power.

Originally slated as a multiplayer only free-to-play reboot in the vein of Command and Conquer Generals, Command and Conquer seems to now offer a single player portion to players as well. Though whether or not the only available faction to play as in the campaign will be the Asia-Pacific Alliance isn’t known.

Command and Conquer is set to release in 2014 in the meantime you can apply to get into the games closed beta.

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