Community: Season 6 (DVD) – Series Review
Follow Genre: Comedy
Distributor: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Episodes: 13
Duration: 26 min (per episode)

Community: Season 6 (DVD) – Series Review

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For the sixth season of Community, there was a lot of uncertainty for cast and crew, as initially it got cancelled. Eventually, Yahoo! View picked it up, and thus we can present you now with our thoughts on this season. The crazy group of students and teachers at Greendale Community College will once again take you along on a crazy ride.


At Greendale Community College, a new school year has started once again, and with the new school year, also the committee gets back to business. After they managed to save the school last year, they now have a new member to the group. Frankie Dart (Paget Brewster) was hired by Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) as his right hand, to help him with the financial, safety and organizational issues Greendale has. She immediately has her hands full, when the roof caves in due to the accumulated weight of Frisbees.

The other members of the committee don’t really trust her that much, except for Abed (Danny Pudi) as altering Greendale the way Frankie is, might eventually cause it to stop being the Greendale they all love. It takes some time, yet eventually Annie (Alison Brie), Britta (Gillian Jacobs), Jeff (Joel McHale) and Ben (Ken Jeong) welcome her in the group.

The Frisbee event is only the beginning of the absurd things happening in this season of Community. Dean Pelton gets caught in a virtual reality world, Chang auditions for the lead in ‘The Karate Kid’ stage adaptation, prisoners enroll in classes using riding tablets, emails get hacked, in short, there are enough events happening throughout this season that make for interesting storylines, to say the least.


Each episode handles one specific subject, usually a very random one that is rather crazy. This makes sure that the story is never too predictable, yet it’s the kind of thing you probably either love or hate. The storylines stand or fall with the humor with which they are built up and truth be told, it’s the kind of humor that takes some getting used to. We didn’t like the season all that much at the beginning, seeing we just didn’t find it that funny and a bit too random, but gradually it started to get better, even though the storylines got more absurd.

Paget Brewster’s character Frankie is new to the series, yet she does a very good job fitting in with the rest, or rather not fitting in. She is almost the only one of the bunch with some sense of responsibility and reality, and forms a nice counterbalance against the others’ often unrealistic ideas. Jim Rash puts down a performance that some might find over the top, yet we found it suited his character Dean Pelton very well. All characters have very specific characteristics, which are generally well brought to the foreground in the storylines and well handled by the actors.


After six seasons, lots of things have been going on at Greendale Community College of course. To see how well cast and crew remembered, the extras include a quiz with questions about random things that happened or appeared on the show. It’s definitely an original and fun twist, certainly if you’ve seen the previous seasons yourself. Other than that, there are also some deleted scenes and some bloopers. Lastly, there is an interview with the cast about how they experienced six seasons of Community, seeing this one is the final one. Overall, we found the extras very satisfying in length and in content.


This sixth and final season of Community offers another set of random storylines, and while we weren’t convinced at first, it did become better and more funny throughout the thirteen episodes. There is a fair amount of extras to enjoy, which are fun, entertaining and original. Are we sad to see this series go? No, but we did enjoy it reasonably enough while it lasted.


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